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Steps I need to take to get my PocketRN account ready to start meeting with patients.


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What steps do I need to take before my account is ready to meet with patients?

In this article we will go over the steps you need to take to finish setting up your account, so that you will be ready to start meeting with patients. You”ll be adding your license(s) for each clinic you are affiliated with, adding your PocketRN account to those clinic, and learning how to switch between, and manage clinics.

Ensure your licenses are set up

By now, you should have already been in touch with the PocketRN support team to finish adding your license(s) to your account.  If for some reason this hasn’t happened,  please contact the support team to complete this step. PocketRN contact Info email, or call (872) 233-4490.

Ensure you are part of your clinics

  • Check your email for an invitation link, this will take you to your PocketRN account where you can click the Accept button.
  • Alternatively, within your PocketRN account, check to see if you have any pending Invitations by clicking on the My Profile page, and then selecting Clinics where you can accept.

Know how to switch to a different clinic

If you are affiliated with multiple clinics, you can switch between the clinics using the (account switcher) which is a drop down button in the top left of the window of your PocketRN account, Next to the PocketRN logo. Pay attention to which clinic is selected when following the next steps, you will need to repeat these steps for each clinic.

Managing my clinics

Click the “HOME” button when you sign into your account. Under “My Dashboard” there will be these tools; the first 3 must be completed before you can meet with patients.

  • Manage Call Types. For each clinic you are affiliated with, select which call types you will be offering. Examples include: General Check in, Concerns for infections, medications, etc. Select from the options given.
  • Manage/Adding a Shift. Under the “add shift” button, simply fill out and select the information that will reflect the shift you’ll be taking.
  • Manage Active Clinic. When you click on this button it will show a list of clinics you are affiliated with, make sure to “check” the box next to the clinics you want to activate.
  • Meet with patients. Now you're ready to enter the queue and meet with patients.


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