We are thrilled to announce that PocketRN has been approved as a participant in the groundbreaking CMS-funded GUIDE program for dementia care.

PocketRN + GUIDE

How PocketRN Works with GUIDE

Our virtual Nurse for Life model matches dementia patients and caregivers to specialized nurses, who become trusted companions that establish a profound and lifelong relationship. PocketRN nurses also encourage openness to better understand individual challenges, and serve as continuous sources of education, coaching, monitoring, emotional support, and a 24/7 lifeline. Under the GUIDE Model, PocketRN will be available at no cost to eligible members, with $0 copays.

Healthcare or home care providers can partner with PocketRN to provide your patients and families with high quality, personalized dementia care at no cost. Get in touch to learn more!


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We’re reimagining a sustainable future of care that puts nurses at the center to meet the demands of a rapidly aging population—a system that’s better for patients and families, partners, and nurses.

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