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Guide the member journey with trusted virtual nurses.

How we serve you

We enable our health plan partners to understand and support the member journey from start to finish. Nurses are the right clinicians to build and sustain longitudinal relationships to members and their loved ones that ultimately improves health outcomes and reduces cost. Our virtual Nurse for Life model is flexible, dynamic, and scalable —giving our partners peace of mind and measurable impact across the quadruple aim.

The Nurse for Life experience

We recruit, train, coach, deploy, and manage teams of virtual nurses to solve your problems. Our nurses are not only there at 11pm on a Friday night: they proactively engage and build trusted, high-touch, one-on-one relationships with patients and families for life.

This gives you and your colleagues, your patients, and their families the quality nurse time they need to succeed and be healthy.

PocketRN nurses coming together as a team and augmenting your own workforce
The PocketRN Advantage

Just a few of the services we offer

Nurse-led Assessments

Start of Care, Supervisory Visits, VA Assessments, etc.

Regular & Scheduled Check-Ins

On-Demand Visits in 5 Minutes

Concierge Nursing

GUIDE Certified Dementia Care

Caregiver Training & Support

CCM, RPM, BHI & More

Specialty & Value-Based Care

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Why choose PocketRN?

  • Reduce nurse recruiting, hiring, and onboarding expenses.
  • Rely on us to manage and optimize nurse productivity.
  • Avoid costly nurse overtime.
  • Launch fast, ready to go in weeks.
  • Scale quickly with our nationwide nurse network.
  • Video visit with a nurse on-demand in minutes.
  • Access to consistent, proactive, and on-demand nursing care.
  • Integrate care seamlessly with providers & automate handoffs.
  • We coordinate care by making sure the “glue work” happens.
A nurse working directly with the practitioner of the health system
PocketRN + GUIDE

PocketRN is thrilled to announce our approval as a participant in the groundbreaking CMMI GUIDE program! Healthcare or home care providers can now partner with PocketRN to provide your patients and families with high quality, personalized dementia care at no cost.

Learn More
Patient holding phone talking to Nurse
the Three Pillars of PocketRN

Nurse-led care delivery model, powered by tech & process

We partner with home care agencies, remote patient monitoring companies, home health agencies, health systems, and health plans who gain access to our top-tier nurses, best-in-class clinical protocols, and powerful analytics —leading to greater patient satisfaction, increased capacity, better outcomes, and lower costs.

Expert Nurses

Our nurses span numerous specialties nationwide and are trained in education, coaching, motivational interviewing, monitoring, and much more.

Care Pathways

Our care delivery models are powered by customizable and validated clinical protocols that promote proactive, continuous, closed-loop, and value-based care.

Tech & Automation

Our platform was built with principles of human-centered design to meet all users where they are, and provides untapped data and insights into patient care at home.

Delivering Results

Fewer ED Visits


of interviewed patients reported using PocketRN to avoid visiting the ED

High-Quality Experience


overall patient and nurse 
satisfaction score

More Time with Patients

25 VS 5

average minutes spent with patient
(on PocketRN vs. clinic phone line)

Shift to Preventative Care


of visits are from patients proactively managing their care

Did you know?
Up to 80% of care-at-home nursing tasks can be managed remotely.

What Our Partners Have to Say

“I think PocketRN has really professionalized this industry and home care in general. It's been great for us.”

Brandi Johnson

Home Care Partner

What Our Patients Have to Say

“You don’t know how happy I am that you guys started this program. I wouldn’t be getting the quality of care I’m receiving, and I don’t know if I would've been doing quite as good as I am.”

Deborah L.

PocketRN Patient

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does PocketRN use its own nurses or nurses within our own network?

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PocketRN can enable the nurses within your own system —particularly your part-time nurses— to efficiently care for your patients. If additional nurses are needed or if you would prefer not to use your existing nurses, then we can provide nurses that meet your needs and standards.

How do you employ the nurses from our system?

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We’ll work with you to identify eligible nurses and develop a compensation scheme. You'll be given access to our clinical and customer success team to help manage your nurses on the PocketRN platform. We ensure all nurses working with you are properly trained on the platform and virtual telenursing best practices.

How are nurses vetted for working on the platform?

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We do not require vetting of your internal nursing staff, but we help identify eligible nurses based on experience and capacity. We work with you to provide training to nurses as needed. PocketRN manually and regularly vets its own nursing staff, which you may use. Our vetting process involves routinely validating our nurses' licenses and certifications, monitoring for proper platform use and customer satisfaction, and continual training on security, safety, and quality of care.

How much does PocketRN cost?

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Pricing depends on the number of patients covered, product usage, staffing, and other requirements particular to your needs. Contact our sales team for a quote.

Which types of patients and medical needs does PocketRN cover?

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PocketRN is helping patients with numerous post-acute and chronic medical conditions where nursing expertise and virtual visits are feasible. To see if PocketRN is right for your organization, contact our sales team.

What are PocketRN's privacy and security policies?

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We take the privacy and security of our users and patients very seriously. See our privacy policy, terms and conditions and our security overview for further details. For more information regarding our security measures, contact our sales team.


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We’re reimagining a sustainable future of care that puts nurses at the center to meet the demands of a rapidly aging population—a system that’s better for patients and families, partners, and nurses.

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