Product Changes

November 2022

November 10, 2022


Evan Quartner

Changes for All Users

New Log In/Sign Up Page Design

Our Log In/Sign Up page has a sleek new design.

Try toggling between the 'Log In' and 'Sign Up' sections of our Log In/Sign Up page to see different instructions!

Requestor Note

When a patient or caregiver requests a meeting with a Nurse, they can add a note to provide additional details and context to the Nurse. The Nurse will be able to view this note while they are preparing for the meeting. This added context will support a smooth and well-informed care experience for both the Nurse and the patient/caregiver.

This is the page where a patient or caregiver can add a note for the Nurse prior to requesting their meeting.

Consents in Platform

We have migrated user consents into our platform. This will go a long way toward helping new users have a much smoother and faster sign-up experience. Current users should expect a quick popup next time they login prompting them to accept the consent forms.

Changes for Patients and Caregivers

Public Sign Up

We have wrapped up our invite-only beta program: a big thanks to our early adopters who have given PocketRN a try and provided great feedback. We are excited to announce that PocketRN is now available for the general public! Any patient or caregiver in serviced states can now sign up, create an account, and start using PocketRN. We will migrate the account details of any patients and caregivers that were part of the invite-only program into our new public clinic.

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