Product Changes

July 2022

August 10, 2022


Evan Quartner

Changes for All Users

Messaging Drawer Redesign

The messages and notifications drawer has a new redesign better matching the current style of the website.

Changes for Patients and Caregivers

Subscription and Free Trial

Patients and caregivers will now see their PocketRN subscriptions and the free trial period directly on the website by going to the Profile page. If their subscription or trial is about to expire, they will receive a notification to add payment information. This is a brand new experience so we ask for patience as we resolve any issues.

Call Topic Details

When meeting with a Nurse, patients and caregivers now have more details and an illustrated image to better convey the clinical topic.

Changes for Nurses

Managing Multiple Clinics

Nurses can now be in the queue for multiple clinics. This will be useful later when we split patients into different clinical cohorts.  Certain Nurses may be assigned multiple clinics to match with patients in multiple cohorts.

Nurses who are using PocketRN for more than one clinic will see a new "Manage Active Clinics" button on their homepage. After clicking this, Nurses can select all the clinics they want to be in the queue for and match with patients in. This update will have no effect on Nurses only involved in one clinic on PocketRN.

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