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The ideal solution for hospitals, health systems, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and home health agencies.

A PocketRN nurse providing instructions regarding a prescription to a patient over a video visit.
WHY PocketRN?

PocketRN helps you provide better care for your patients, optimize your workforce, and reduce readmissions.

PocketRN nurses coming together as a team and augmenting your own workforce

Optimize your workforce

  • Invite your nursing staff and bring in our expert nurses when the demand is high.
  • Allocate your part-time and per diem nurses' time while off-duty to addressing on-demand patient needs.
  • Match nurse expertise from across your system and escalate to our specialty nurses to the appropriate patient need in real-time.
  • Free up your staff and facility capacity for additional patients by reducing length of stay.
  • Reduce costs and increase revenue by converting in-home visits to virtual visits.
  • Enable on-duty workforce to focus on critical in-person care.
A nurse working directly with the practitioner of the health system
Custom Care

Better Data Means Better Care

  • Access powerful analytics on patient and provider experience and satisfaction.
  • Set custom alerts to anticipate and act on patient needs and measure reductions in 30-day readmissions and other key HCAHPS metrics.
  • Gain insight into your patients' care post-discharge through their journey to recovery.
  • We provide recurring preventive care check-ins with patients after they are discharged to promote adherence to your care plans.
  • We augment your existing care process models with through virtual engagement.

Post-Acute Care the Smart Way

Improve information-sharing across patient transitions.

Give patients access to better and more specialized care.

Decrease 30-day readmissions with our preventive care check-ins.

Save on staffing and overtime costs.

Optimize and rapidly scale up Nursing workforce.

Gain greater visibility into patient care post-discharge.

Reduce patient length of stay.

Provide lower-cost, value-based, and tech-enabled care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does PocketRN use its own nurses or nurses within our health system?

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PocketRN can enable the nurses within your own system —particularly your part-time nurses— to efficiently care for your patients. If additional nurses are needed or if you would prefer not to use your existing nurses, then we can provide nurses that meet your needs and standards.

How do you employ the nurses from our system?

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We’ll work with you to identify eligible nurses and develop a compensation scheme. You'll be given access to our clinical and customer success team to help manage your nurses on the PocketRN platform. We ensure all nurses working with you are properly trained on the platform and virtual telenursing best practices.

How are nurses vetted for working on the platform?

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We do not require vetting of your internal nursing staff, but we help identify eligible nurses based on experience and capacity. We work with you to provide training to nurses as needed. PocketRN manually and regularly vets its own nursing staff, which you may use. Our vetting process involves routinely validating our nurses' licenses and certifications, monitoring for proper platform use and customer satisfaction, and continual training on security, safety, and quality of care.

How much does PocketRN cost?

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Pricing depends on the number of patients covered, product usage, staffing, and other requirements particular to your needs. Contact our sales team for a quote.

Which types of patients and medical needs does PocketRN cover?

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PocketRN is helping patients with numerous post-acute and chronic medical conditions where nursing expertise and virtual visits are feasible. To see if PocketRN is right for your organization, contact our sales team.

What are PocketRN's privacy and security policies?

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We take the privacy and security of our users and patients very seriously. See our privacy policy, terms and conditions and our security overview for further details. For more information regarding our security measures, contact our sales team.


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