Product Changes

January 2024

January 17, 2024


Evan Quartner

Changes for All Users

Emergency information

The platform now allows patients to input emergency information, such as a residential address and special instructions for first responders. In an emergency, the Nurse can view this information (as seen below). Additionally, when a Nurse confirms an emergency, the PocketRN Support Team will be alerted to help.

This screenshot shows a Nurse’s view of a patient’s emergency contact information

Changes for Patients and Caregivers

Adding multiple phone numbers

Patients and caregivers can now add more than one phone number. To tailor our users’ phone experience based on their preferences, patients and caregivers can also specify the notification preference (call, text, or both) and phone type (home or mobile) for each of their added phones. 

Changes for Nurses

Unified Nurse portal

The Nurse portal is now simpler than ever! Nurses no longer need to use the account switcher menu to navigate between clinics. All clinics and associated settings, such as call types for each clinic, can be managed from one place in the Nurse portal. 

Changes for Partners


Our partners can now add a custom discount to our standard pricing package for our in-app customer payment method. Discounts can be added as a percentage or a dollar amount reduction from the standard price.

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