Product Changes

April 2023

April 10, 2023


Evan Quartner

Changes for All Users

Added scheduled meetings

Patients and caregivers can now schedule meetings with Nurses for a future date. Patients and caregivers can also reschedule with the same Nurse for future visits!

On the page to schedule a meeting, a patent or caregiver can specify a Nurse if desired (top menu) and then choose a date and time of their scheduled meeting based on Nurse availability.

Added "name you go by"

While we need a legal name for some consent forms, we know that for many users, this isn’t what they want to be presented as their name on the platform. That is why we allow users to set the “name you go by” so Nurses and other users identify them the way they want.

During account registration, a user can click on the 'Add the name you go by" button to add the name they go by.

Added gender

When talking with a medical professional on PocketRN, it’s sometimes important that they know your gender. We’ve added the option for users to disclose their gender however they'd like!

When a user clicks into the gender field, they see a list of selectable and searchable options.

Opening to other states

As we prepare to expand PocketRN to more states as part of our general access rollout, we’ve added the ability for users to change their current state.

Before starting a meeting, a patient can change their current location to match with a correctly licensed Nurse.

View your meeting history

Users can now view their meeting history on the Meetings page!

Changes for Caregivers

New options for consenting guest patients

When creating a guest patient, caregivers now have many new options for getting their patient's consent to care on the platform. We’ve also introduced new fields, such as the “name you go by” and gender fields to fill out for the guest patient.

Changes for Nurses

Accept or decline a match by texting

When Nurses have text notifications enabled, they can acknowledge the patient match via text by replying “accept” or “decline” without ever having to enter the app.

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