Video-chat with a Nurse, anytime, anywhere.

PocketRN allows patients, families, and caregivers to video-chat Nurses with the right expertise from the comfort of their own home.

Two identified nurses working within PocketRN

Talk to a Nurse with specialized expertise

PocketRN matches you with a Registered Nurse who specializes in the type of care you need. That way you know you’re always getting the best care.


A Nurse in Your Pocket

PocketRN makes it easier than ever to get expert advice from a Registered Nurse for yourself or a loved one. Access our app from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

PocketRN can be used on any device, mobile, desktop, or tablet
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“This is really needed.
People want coaching.”

Andrea Cohen, the Founder and Vice Chair of Houseworks

Andrea Cohen

Founder & Vice Chair, HouseWorks
(Home Healthcare Company)


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Our goal is to close the gap between home and healthcare through empowerment, community, and convenience. Learn more about how PocketRN can help you.

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